ASO Siderurgica S.p.A. Unipersonale

Via Seriola, 122

25035 Ospitaletto (BS) Italy

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ASO Forge S.r.l. Unipersonale

Sede Operativa / Production Site

Via Verginello, 29-31

25045 Ospitaletto (BS) Italy

phone: +39 030.684 10 11

fax: +39 030.684 10 12

ASO Cromsteel S.A.

Laminorului 16

130089 Targoviste (Dambovita), Romania

phone: +39 030.684 10 11

fax: +39 030.684 10 12

+39 030.6841011

For Products and Services Alike:

Premium Performance

Testing laboratory, process analyses, new plant technologies, interdisciplinary teams made up of metallurgists, engineers and industry experts... ASO brings the know-how and services of the entire group together to develop tailor-made solutions for you.
When it comes to finding innovative solutions for your products, you can count on us to be by your side with all of our modern resources. And with regard to quality, ASO works to only one benchmark: the best.

What I like most is when I walk around the offices and I see them working in teams to achieve our objectives. ASO is a local company but it competes on a global level and we have the right people to succeed.


Enviromental Commitement

Our Environmental Commitment

Sustainability Begins at the Start of the Production Chain


The products that you manufacture using steel – a fully recyclable material – make a valuable contribution to ensuring a liveable future.

But steel manufacturing also has to be clean and sustainable. In order to make sure this happens, we have put numerous measures in place and are actively involved in various initiatives.

As an example, we are a member of the Ramet Consortium, which is conducting research into eco-friendly production methods in conjunction with the University of Brescia. We use SLAG-REC technology to recycle slag from the electric arc furnace, while also investing into extending heat recovery, air purification, noise protection and photovoltaic technologies on an ongoing basis.

Social Responsibility as a Family Tradition

The Family Unit Sharpens our Eye for Essentials


Who better to embody social responsibility than the ASO GROUP? As a family-run company, it almost runs in our genes that we put people first and spare no effort to facilitate their wellbeing.

It means that we very actively pursue a family-friendly staff policy, where we place particular emphasis on enabling women to balance their career with family life. We are deeply committed to guaranteeing equal opportunities and equal treatment at work. And we support new employees with numerous qualification opportunities, right up to scholarships.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and enjoying being part of a community are elementary for us, which is why we sponsor numerous kinds of sporting activities and teams. In cases where urgent assistance is required, we will provide un-bureaucratic support in the form of donations and knowledge and we will also take necessary action.

Customer Care Policy

Our Customer Care Policy

Absolute Costumer Satisfaction is our Driving Force


To keep our customers satisfied, it is critical to know their requirements and to work with them on an individual basis. We place great value on maintaining an open dialogue with our customers.

Feedback is always used to critically examine our performance and – if necessary – optimise our services. This is a dynamic process that never ends.

This forms the basis of the trust our customers have put in us for more than 40 years.