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ASO Forge S.r.l. Unipersonale

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ASO Cromsteel S.A.

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The right material for every job

Steel is not just steel.


Whether high-tensile, highly ductile, rust-proof or very easy to weld... we’ll ensure your steel features the properties of the material that your products require.

The extensive metallurgical knowledge base that ASO has acquired is shared within the Group. Thanks to this transfer of know-how,our customers can benefit from our experience anywhere in the world.

Special Steels
Forged Materials
Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Forged to Perfection

Forged Bars – Made by ASO

Forged bars made by ASO using stainless and tool steels as well as standard and special high-alloy grades are used in various sectors worldwide which demand the highest quality standards. Characterised by an outstanding, homogeneous internal structure as well as highly precise dimensions, our forged products are not only available in round, square and angular cross-sections but also in the form of ingots and plates. The integrated manufacturing processes of our group allow seamless quality management from precise analysis of the molten steel right up to the final ultrasonic testing of our forged semi-finished products.

Forged Materials Division

60 employees

ASO Products Make the World Go Round

Chrome-plated Steel Bars and Hydraulic Components

No matter how extreme the conditions get – arctic cold, the searing heat of the desert or the corrosive effect of constant exposure to seawater – our chrome-plated products ensure machinery, cranes and vehicles can deliver the required performance at all times. We not only produce steel bars in the dimensions you require and with the desired chromium alloy in the thickness you need but we also offer many further processing options such as milling, drilling, threading or grinding. Our further processing capabilities even include manufacturing ready-to-install hydraulic components where we are classed as one of the leading companies. Our hydraulic components withstand high pressures and immense mechanical loads. They come with a long service life with low wear and are optimally tailored to suit your given application. You benefit from superior reliability and the associated security for your product solutions.

Hydraulic Components Division

630 employees

Steel: Building Material of the Future

Special Steel Ingots – Made by ASO

Oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, wind energy, high-speed trains, aviation, aerospace, automotive industry, general engineering... steel is everywhere. Without stainless and special steels, our modern world would be unthinkable. We develop and deliver the type of precise steel grades and alloys that facilitate progress. Using cutting-edge process technology, we manufacture high-quality billets for further processing. In each case, the physical and chemical properties are exactly tailored to suit the given application – right up to super-clean grades for the energy sector. Hand in hand with our customers, we work on developing new solutions. Your requirements are our motivation to produce the best possible steel for you.

Special Steel Division

170 employees