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The “bridge” with the end customers passing through the quality

In a changing market, companies must find new ways to assist customers and make progress at the same time in their own business. This is also true in the steel business and a prime example, though not the only one, comes from the ASO Group of Brescia who decided to put a face to the word “quality.”

The engineer Massimo Svanera, eight years in power to the group, in fact, become the Quality Manager for ASO and will interface directly with users of steel from Brescia to support them in the development of solutions that best fit the use of the material. A choice that also has commercial reasons, as explained by the Commercial Director Vincenzo Mazzola. “This idea was in mind for some time – explains Mazzola – but when we were directly asked by our customers for this kind of support, we decided that it was time to realize it. In practice, our research and development department will work with our direct customers and with third-part customers, such as those of the forge masters that already are served, to support them with an additional service that can bring the product to a steady improvement in a climate of partnership, which can benefit both, the supplier and the customer. ”

Svanera, despite his young age, already has some experience in the field, as evidenced by his words while explaining what it consists in his new role. “Customers often know what they want, but do not move from the standards over the years, and for the need to be able to maintain certainty, both to a lack of information on the movement of new steels within the supply chain. Basically my goal is that product engineers and process engineers talk to each other, to find the right solution to the achievement of the optimum response to various needs.”

“This new structure – concludes Mazzola -, in addition to allowing a better product certification, is combined with the flexibility and timely execution of requests that ASO is able to guarantee. I am convinced that this will allow us a better customer loyalty, as well as transparency within the various steps of the supply chain with the recognition for the quality of material that is going to use at least. “Although this new service has been started on an experimental basis so far, the results on the increase of sales forged products of ASO speak for themselves: the share of export in fact has been doubled compared to a maintenance of the volumes shipped to Italy.