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Project Green Jobs

On April 26 and May 13, 2016, ASO Siderurgica S.p.A. will host four classes of the Institute Marzoli of Palazzolo under the PROJECT GREEN JOBS promoted by Fondazione Cariplo in cooperation with Associazione Industriale Bresciana – AIB)

This project aims to promote environmental sustainability at the local level, identifying the work and professions in the field of Green Economy (Green Jobs) a part of youth employment and development potential, thus helping to promote the meeting between demand and supply of skilled work in the environmental field.

The initiative fits within the strategic priorities identified by AIB for strengthening partnerships between schools and enterprises in order to enhance skills and competitiveness on the job market of young graduates in relation to the needs of the productive fabric and professionalism consistent with the recent Italian reform of the school system in order to consolidate a methodological approach that focuses on teaching skills.


One Week full of Success – Tube 2016

ASO Cromsteel looks back on five successfull trade fair days. Through the great mixture of exhibitors and visitors the Tube in Düsseldorf is one of the most important trade fairs in this industry.

So it was no question: ASO Cromsteel has to take part in it. Through a brightly illuminated booth and highlights like the red slash, ASO Cromsteel seized the attention of both exhibitors and visitors. We are really pleased about the positive feedback we've received during the week.




ASO conquers new markets – Premium Master Tool Steel made by ASO

Crystal-clear Advantages for Injection Moulding: Premium Master Tool Steels.

From car headlight covers to beverage bottles – with Premium Master tool steels made by ASO you can ensure the highest injection moulding quality. UltraTech – that’s your pre-hardened, high-tensile tool steel. With uniform hardness, excellent polishing qualities and optimised wear resistance.